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MARCH 2014

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The Kansas City Champions Cup is sold out for April 11-13. Over 500 teams signed up for this tournament.  By adding fields at two locations in addition to the Overland Park Soccer Complex, the tournament was able to accept over 350 teams.  Teams will be traveling from 10 different states to compete - AR, IA, IL, KS, MN, MO, NE, OK, SD, and WI.. With 4 different levels of competition, this weekend always provides some of the best and best-matched competition in the Midwest. This year's Kansas City Champions Cup will be held at the Overland Park Soccer Complex, Lone Elm, and the Polo Fields.  


Registration for the 2014 Kansas City Invitational tournament is right around the corner, so make sure you register no later than April 28. Looking back at last year's tournament, Heartland Soccer Association welcomed 350 teams, making KCI the largest one-weekend tournament. Once again, it will be held over Memorial Day weekend (May 23-26). Having it over the holiday, always makes for great fun, good competition and easy travel. Make sure to get online and register!

Mar 7-9

First weekend of League Play

Mar 14-16

League Play

Mar 22-23

League Play

Mar 29-30

League Play

Apr 4-6

League Play

Apr 5-6

Team Photo Days

Apr 11-13

Kansas City Champions Cup / League Play

Apr 18-19

League Play

Apr 20

Easter Sunday/No Games

Apr 25-27

League Play

May 2-4

League Play

May 3-4

Team Photo Days

May 09-11

League Play

May 16-18

League Play

May 23-26

Kansas City Invitational Tournament

May 30-Jun 1

Rainout Weekend

Jul 6

Division Winner Awards Ceremony at Sporting KC Game



A maximum of three guest players are allowed per team per game.

Teams may not exceed the maximum number of players allowed on the game day roster by adding guest players.

                Players may only play for one team within a sub division, i.e. they may not dual roster or guest play with another team in the same sub division.

Players may guest play or dual roster "up", but not "down" within their age group. For

example, a U14 Division 2 primary rostered player may guest play with a Division 1

team, but not with a Division 3 team. That player may NOT play in any division lower

than Div 2 in his/her own age group.

               A player primary rostered to a team that is older than his/her actual age group may guest or dual roster with a team playing in highest division of his/her actual age group. For example an actual U14 player who is primary rostered to a U15 team may play as a guest or dual roster player with a U14 Division 1 team.

Once a player has played a game for their primary roster team, they are not permitted to

change their primary status and play for a lower division team within the league for that

season. They are also not permitted to play for a second team within that division during

that season.

              Teams registering their players via the "Club Pass" option provided by KSYSA must submit a league roster to the Heartland office prior to it's first league game. Failure to do so will result in those games being forfeited until that roster is received. The club pass roster must clearly show which players are primary on the league roster. That number must not exceed the state maximum for that age group. A player who has been excluded from a league roster, may guest play for that team if he/she is clearly shown on a roster of a team in a lower division or age group. All guest player forms must be taken to the game and submitted to the referee.



Warming up

It is vital that players learn to adopt good training habits when taking part in soccer practices. The first habit a coach should instill in his/her players is the need to warm up correctly before they start strenuous physical activity. He/she should explain the reasons why warming up is so important. Three primary reasons are:

1.To raise muscle temperature, increase blood flow, stretch the muscles and mobilize the joints of the body. This will ensure the players move through a greater range of movement and will help prevent injury.

2.To maximize performance. The body performs better when the demand on the circulatory and respiratory systems increases gradually. Demanding physical activity will fatigue the body prematurely if the body is not warmed up.

3.To prepare mentally for the training or match ahead. The mind needs to be tuned in to the practice situation. By rehearsing movement patterns from the game the mind becomes activated and focused on the skills that are needed for practice.

The best warm ups consist of these phases.

Phase 1 Focus on getting body mobilized gradually. Light running activities are used to raise the body temperature and heart rate.

Phase 2 This involves stretching the major muscles of the body and joints. Particular attention should be paid to the specific muscles and joints which are used in playing the match or training, i.e. the spine, hips and legs.

Phase 3 This involves activities that are performed at a higher tempo that allow players to practice and rehearse patterns of movements from the games. Note players should always do some light running after every stop for stretching to raise the heart rate for this phase of the warm up.


Cool downs

Main objective is to bring the body down to a resting state and incorporate the points below. Very light jogging is great for a cool down routine, combined with stretching. A five to seven minute session will be enough for the player to cool down correctly.

Soccer Cool Downs

- Help players overcome muscle stiffness and soreness.

- Allow players to re-hydrate.

- Help rid the body of toxins and lactic acid.

- Allow a period of reflection and assessment for the players and the coach.

Heartland  Spring Referee Meeting Dates


                 April 6                      May 5                       June 9


Referees under 17 meet 6-730pm

Referees over 17 meet 730-9pm

*Parent meeting 6-630pm August 19


  All meetings will be held at OP Soccer field house.

Heartland Soccer Team Photo Days 

at Heritage Soccer Park


April 5-6 and May 3-4





 Take the Time to Warm Up and Cool Down

March is National Athletic Training Month, and one of the best ways to train safely is ensuring proper warm-ups and cool-downs. No matter your child's level of fitness, including warm-ups and cool-downs as a regular part of his or her routine is essential. Stretching and light jogging minimize the chance of muscle strain or soft tissue injury, plus, muscles become looser and more flexible and thus better equipped to handle extra stress. For more information about sports medicine services at Overland Park Regional Medical Center and Menorah Medical Center or to find a physician or certified athletic trainer, visit http://hcamidwest.com/healthcare-services/sports-care/.




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Heartland Soccer Staff

Shane Hackett:  Executive Director

Dana Parry:  League Operations/Scheduling

Richard Davies:  League Operations

Bridgette Samuelson: Team Leader/ Dir. Tournament Operations bridgette@heartlandsoccer.net 

Dave Morrow: Tournament Director/KPSL Registrar

Sue Swanson: Sponsorship/League Operations 

Steven Davies: League Operations 

Katie Falco: Development Associate/Newsletter/Media

Gordon Crape: Referee Assignor



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