JUNE 2014

Heartland Fall 2014 Registration is Now Open! All teams planning to participate in the fall league must fill out the Heartland online registration form in addition to any forms required on the club level.



               Heartland Soccer Fall 2014 Rule Changes/Reminders

New age groups:

We will be offering U8 divisions, 6v6 with game day max roster size of 14

We will be offering U12 11 v 11 divisions, game day max roster size of 18


Dual rostered players:

Players can only dual roster or guest play up to 2 divisions within

an age group. E.G. A U10 D4 primary rostered player, can only guest

play or be secondary rostered to a U10 D2 team and no higher.


Guest play:

Players can guest play or be secondary rostered up to the next age

group without limitations. Max of 3 guest players per game.

Guest players can only guest play on one team in a division per season.

All players shall be listed on the loan agreement that must be handed

into the referee before the game. Any guest players without the loan

agreement will not be eligible to play.


Club Pass:

Club pass rules for U13 and older teams will mirror the dual

roster/guest player rules.


There will be no club pass rosters accepted by the league for U12 and below.

The teams (U13 and above) using the club pass system must submit all

rosters with the players being used on multiple teams, clearly marked

as to which is their primary and secondary team.  For all club pass

teams, the team must carry a laminated, league approved roster to

coincide with their player pass cards to each game clearly indicating

the name of each player designated to that team for HSA league play.


The reason for these changes is to ensure equality in the divisions. We had

received various comments and concerns regarding players of a high level

playing in various lower divisions within an age group. We hope these rule

changes will provide a lot more parity.


Unable to field a team:

Teams that cannot field a team for a scheduled game and need to forfeit,

MUST notify the other team and the office.  Failure to notify both will result

in a $50 no-show fine.


Deadline: July 28
Sponsored by Sporting Kansas City
Heartland Midwest Classic 2012 logo light version  
Deadline: September 9
Midwest All Girls Classic Logo 
Deadlines: September 29 (Girls) & October 6 (Boys)
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For more information contact

Dave Morrow at dave.morrow@heartlandsoccer.net or (913) 888-8768.

June 18-Division Winner Award Ceremony at Sporting KC Game
June 18-Referee Appreciation at Sporting KC Game
July 6- Division Winner Awards Ceremony at Sporting KC Game

Fall 2014 Heartland Soccer Calendar


Jul 7

   Fall 2014 Online registration deadline

Jul 9

   Club team turn in to Heartland

Jul 10

   Recreational seeding

Jul 11

   Premier pre seed & Recreational Final seed posted after 5pm

Jul 11-15

   Premier seeding challenges via email deadline noon on 7/15

Jul 16

   Final premier seeding posted after 5pm

Jul 30

   Schedule posted after 5pm

Aug 9-10 

   League play

Aug 16-17

   League play

Aug 22-24 

   League play

Aug 29-Sep 1

   Heartland Midwest Classic - Boys and Girls Tournament

   Sponsored by Sporting Kansas City

Sep 5-7

   League play

Sep 12-14

   League play

Sep 19-21

   League play

Sep 26-28

   League play

Oct 3-5

   League play

Oct 10-12

   Midwest All Girls Tournament / League play

Oct 17-19

   League play

Oct 24-26

   Rainout weekend

Oct 31-Nov 2

   Heartland Invitational Tournament-Girls

   Sponsored by Verizon Wireless

Nov 7-9

   Heartland Invitational Tournament-Boys

   Sponsored by Verizon Wireless




 Want to become a certified referee? Classes are forming now.To register for a class go to: http://www.kansasreferee.org/instruction/courses

 Heartland Soccer is Proud of Our Kansas Referees!


Heartland Soccer would like to take the opportunity to recognize referees that

have been called up to officiate  at the Pro level.

Congratulations to:

Jon Freemon, Fourth Official , NWSL- FC Kansas City vs WNY Flash, June 6th

Jon Freemon, Referee, USL- Pro Oklahoma City vs Charlotte, June 7th

Kyle Atkins, Fourth Official, NWSL-FC Kansas City vs Boston breakers, June 7th

Ryan Cook, Assistant Referee 2, NWSL-FC Kansas City vs Boston breakers, June 7th

Emily Fletcher, Assistant Referee , NWSL pre- season games




Congratulations to you and your accomplishments!





Referee Appreciation Night with Sporting Kansas Tickets is June 18. 


Discounted tickets are available and a group picture will be taken on the field after the game.  (A wristband is necessary to get to field level after the game.)  For more information contact susan.swanson@heartlandsoccer.net.


Now that our spring season has come to an end, it's already time to think about the fall! We have many ways for your business to reach out to families, other local businesses and the entire soccer community for the fall season. Whether it is hanging a banner at the Overland Park Soccer Complex, or being on-site at our tournaments, there are endless ways for you to get your name out there. We would love to partner with you, so do not hesitate to reach out to us. For more information on ways to sponsor with Heartland Soccer Association, please contact 

Katie Falco (Katie.Falco@heartlandsoccer.net)  or 

Bridgette Samuelson (Bridgette@heartlandsoccer.net)





Footballs placed in central

area, with 4 different 1v1

targets around a square.


Whites attack and try to

score by shooting,

dribbling or running with

the ball against Blue



Attackers must return to

centre and attack a

different zone each time.


Switch roles after 5 minutes.  



 Know the Signs of Overheating and Dehydration

Playing outdoor sports is a sure sign of summer, but elevated temps and
humidity also mean your child runs the risk of dehydration and overheating.

Menorah Medical Center (menorahmedicalcenter.com) and Overland Park Regional
Medical Center (oprmc.com) want you to be aware of these signs as your child
plays outdoors in hot weather:

.       thirst
.       feeling hot
.       fatigue
.       weakness
.       light-headedness
.       dizziness
.       irritability
.       confusion
.       increased heart rate
.       cramps
.       flushed red appearance
.       nausea

If you think your child is experiencing heat-related symptoms, seek medical
attention immediately. For questions about over-heating or to find a
physician, contact our Nurses On-Call at 800-386-9355 .

"Score $50 in Appetizers for a Team Party" 


KCI Traditional Logo 

Congratulations to all 334 teams who participated in this years' KC Invitational tournament at the Overland Park Soccer Complex. While the weather provided challenges at certain times over the weekend, most games were completed as scheduled, and we were able to award trophies and medals to both Champions and Finalists in the 60 divisions that were created for the tournament.

We were extremely happy to be able to host teams from a total of 10 states from all parts of the Mid-West and hope that the 5,000 players that played in the event experienced a challenging but memorable tournament. You can see a list of our 2014 winners below.

We look forward to seeing you back in 2015.


Heartland Soccer staff




Age DivisionWinnerRunner Up
U-9 Girls (6 v 6) BlueSporting BV Fiorentina 04-05KC Fusion Academy Anderson Red
U-9 Girls (6 v 6) RedBVSC IP MustangsLASC Alliance 04-05
U-10 Girls (6 v 6) BlueKC Fusion Academy Anderson 04/05Toca FC U-10G
U-10 Girls (6 v 6) RedSockhers EliteFreebird Skyhawks Blue
U-10 Girls (8 v 8) FFC Red Star 03/04Dallas Texans South Adames
U-11 Girls (8 v 8) BlueFreebird Hawks 02-03KC Fusion Orel 02/03
U-11 Girls (8 v 8) RedFutura Red Star SilverHarambe Eclipse
U-11 Girls (8 v 8) WhitePuma FC Manchester CityWichita Estrellas
U-11 Girls (8 v 8) GreenPuma FC Manchester UnitedOPSC Storm
U-11 Girls (8 v 8) BlackOttawa FC StrikersShocks
U-12 Girls (8 v 8) BlueJUSC Premier NavyKC Fusion Academy Ricker 01/02
U-12 Girls (8 v 8) RedLakeville ThunderSporting BV Parma
U-12 Girls (8 v 8) WhiteYankton PhitensFutura Nova
U-12 Girls (11 v 11) RedDallas Texans 03 Girls SouthLakeville Lightning
U-12 Girls (11 v 11) WhiteKC Prime Elite RazeMissouri Rush-Azul
U-13 Girls BlueTSCH 01 BeattieDallas Texans South 02G
U-13 Girls RedKC Prime Elite RamponeKC Fusion Cleary 00/01
U-13 Girls WhiteKC Blaze ExtremeSporting BV Siena 00-01
U-13 Girls GreenSporting BV Palermo 00-01FC Shockers
U-14 Girls Blue00 AztecaPuma FC Arsenal
U-14 Girls RedKC Bayern Munich BlitzTRSA Heat
U-14 / 15 Girls WhiteWichita Cheetah EliteBlackstars Elite Angels
U-15 Girls Lakeville GalaxyLakeville Legends
High School Girls KCU Rangers 97/98Lakeville Elite
U-8 Boys (6 v 6) BlueKC Select Wings 05/06Toca U8 MLS
U-8 Boys (6 v 6) RedSporting KV Select MirimBV Attack
U-9 Boys (6 v 6) BluePuma FC Dortmund05 Azteca
U-9 Boys (6 v 6) RedTempo Typhoons05 Santos Gold
U-9 Boys (6 v 6) WhiteSporting BV Bristol City 04/0505 Santos Brown
U-9 Boys (6 v 6) GreenU9 BarcelonaTempo Typhoons Blue
U-10 Boys (6 v 6) BlueToca U10 MLSSporting KV Cruzeiro
U-10 Boys (6 v 6) RedToca FC U10 USLKC PRIME ELITE BARCA
U-10 Boys (6 v 6) WhiteLSSA Blackfire Academy Elite 03/04KCPE MAN UNITED
U-10 Boys (6 v 6) Green04 HighlandersSporting BV Fury FC
U-9 / 10 Boys (8 v 8)Sporting BV QPR 04/05KC Fusion Academy McTighe 04/05
U-11 Boys (8 v 8) BlueSporting BV Arsenal 02/03Sporting BV Stoke City 02/03
U-11 Boys (8 v 8) RedF.C. Majestic02/03 Tempo Cyclones Select
U-11 Boys (8 v 8) WhiteTopeka Select UnitedFFC Comets
U-11 Boys (8 v 8) GreenLiverpool FC 03B GerrardBVSC IP Mustangs
U-11 Boys (8 v 8) Green IINEOFC 03 BlueKC Fusion - Caragher 02/03
U-11 Boys (8 v 8) BlackFury FCJUSC Competitive Sky Blue
U-12 Boys (8 v 8) BlueJUSC Premier Sky BlueBMSC Rangers
U-12 Boys (8 v 8) RedJOTP InternacionalAYSA Flamengo
U-12 Boys (8 v 8) WhiteBV BombersJUSC Competitive Sky Blue
U-12 Boys (11 v 11) BlueSporting BV Man City 01-02SKV Prodigy Futballers
U-12 Boys (11 v 11) RedPuma FC SevilleNWA Strikers
U-13 Boys BlueNebraska FC 00/01 Blue01 Santos Elite
U-13 Boys RedPrior Lake PredatorsKearney Cyclones
U-13 Boys WhiteKC Fusion Cleary 00/01BSC Blue00B
U-14 Boys BlueArkansas Rayados 00 boysSantos Primera
U-14 Boys RedKC Prime SpartansJOTP Botafogo
U-14 Boys WhiteMaryville Twister U-14 BoysWestside United FC
U-15 Boys BlueSSC StrikersFutura Inter 98/99
U-15 Boys RedKC Milan Academy WhiteSKV Jambars
U-15 Boys WhiteKC Blaze PredatorsKC United Alliance
U-16 Boys BlueFC Porto of Kansas DragonsKCSC Gold 97/98
U-16 Boys RedBurnsville Fire SC FuegoKC Fusion - Caragher 97/98
U-17 Boys BlueKCSC Blackstars 96/97KCSC Gold 96/97
U-17 Boys RedKCSC Blackstars 97/98Real Madrid-White
U-19 Boys Toca FC MLS 95/96Topeka Select Arsenal




Verizon Wireless Division Winner medals are available at the Heartland office, 9161 West 133rd Street, Overland Park.  Regular office hours are 10 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday.



LevelGenderAge GroupDivisionTeam # Team Name
PremierBoysU08/0917986Toca FC U-8 MLS
PremierBoysU08/0927998SPORTING BV Argentina 05-06
PremierBoysU08/0937906KC Legends U8 Champions
PremierBoysU0917917SPORTING BV QPR 04-05
PremierBoysU0927923KC Select Wings 05/06
PremierBoysU0937934KC Legends Select 05/06
PremierBoysU0947947OPSC Juventus
PremierBoysU0957958Toca U9 PDL
PremierBoysU0967962BVSC IP Cobras SC
PremierBoysU0977972BVSC IP KC Blast
PremierBoysU1017015KC Select Upper 90
PremierBoysU1027027SKV Prodigy Revolution
PremierBoysU1037034KC Select Firebirds 04/05
PremierBoysU1047046Unified Galaxy
PremierBoysU1057051BSC Blue 03B
PremierBoysU1067066KC Select Breakers 04/05
PremierBoysU1077077Missouri Valley Cyclones
PremierBoysU1087082Harambe Bombers Black
PremierBoysU1117115KC Fusion Academy Hoffman 03/04
PremierBoysU1127128Summit SC Crimson Force 02/03
PremierBoysU1137134KC Legends Leicester City
PremierBoysU1147144KC Select Phoenix 03/04
PremierBoysU1157151FFC Comets 03/04
PremierBoysU116716ATopeka Select Comets
PremierBoysU1177172Fury FC
PremierBoysU1187183Futura FC Crew
PremierBoysU1217219Toca FC U-12 MLS
PremierBoysU1227221FFC Select 02/03
PremierBoysU1237239Sporting Kaw Valley Real
PremierBoysU1247249Toca FC U-12 USL
PremierBoysU1257256KC Prime Elite Vipers
PremierBoysU1267264KC Comets - Lightning
PremierBoysU1277271BVSC IP Red Bombers
PremierBoysU1287281BVSC IP Blue Bombers
PremierBoysU1317310Air Capital Destroyers
PremierBoysU132732AUnited SC-Mallams
PremierBoysU1337334KC Fusion Academy Plumhoff 02/03
PremierBoysU1347342CBFC Bears 00/01
PremierBoysU1357355Legacy SC - Real Madrid
PremierBoysU1367369Real Madrid
PremierBoysU1377371Futura Pirates
PremierBoysU1417411Futura 99/00 Academy
PremierBoysU1427427SPORTING BV Celtic 99-00
PremierBoysU1437435OPSC Ajax
PremierBoysU1447446SPORTING Columbia 99/00 BLUE
PremierBoysU1457457Unified FC Cosmos
PremierBoysU1467464KC Prime Elite Khaos
PremierBoysU1517516SPORTING BV NPL 98-99
PremierBoysU1527521KC Blaze Strikeforce
PremierBoysU1537538Topeka Select Fury
PremierBoysU1547542KC Fusion Mendez 98/99
PremierBoysU1557553KC Blaze Predators
PremierBoysU1617612Futura FC Academy Cosmos
PremierBoysU1627623KC Select United
PremierBoysU1637634KC Blaze Knights
PremierBoysU1647642Harambe Blitz
PremierBoysU1717713SPORTING BV 96-97 NPL
PremierBoysU1727720BVSC IP F.C. United 96/97 White
PremierBoysU1737736SCSC Pride 96/97
PremierBoysU1747742Capitals U16/17
PremierBoysU1917816SPORTING BV NPL 95-96
PremierBoysU1927826SPORTING BV Nautico 95-96
PremierBoysU1937835KC Blaze Nomads
PremierGirlsU08/0918974KC Select Attack 05/06
PremierGirlsU08/0928981FCKC Crushers U8
PremierGirlsU0918915KC Fusion Academy Navy Anderson 04/05
PremierGirlsU0928925KC Legends Stars
PremierGirlsU0938937SPORTING BV USA 05-06
PremierGirlsU0948944FFC Sting 05-06
PremierGirlsU0958955MUSC Fire IP Red
PremierGirlsU0968965Futura Stella Rossa Silver
PremierGirlsU1018012Futura Pink Panthers Pink 03/04
PremierGirlsU1028026SPORTING BV Atletico 03/04
PremierGirlsU1038034LSSA Blackfire Academy Comets
PremierGirlsU1048048SKV Firestorm Navy
PremierGirlsU1058055KC Fusion Anderson 03/04
PremierGirlsU1068068Missouri Valley Fury
PremierGirlsU1078079TriCounty Select Flash
PremierGirlsU1118117SPORTING BV Valencia 02-03
PremierGirlsU1138137KC Prime Elite Ragazze
PremierGirlsU1148140BMSC Real
PremierGirlsU1158150Blue Valley United FC Reds
PremierGirlsU1168167SC Hurricane Crushers
PremierGirlsU1178177Ottawa FC Strikers
PremierGirlsU1188181Firecrackers 02/03
PremierGirlsU1218211Freebird Hawks
PremierGirlsU1228226Puma FC-Flamengo
PremierGirlsU1248246SPORTING BV Parma
PremierGirlsU1258259SKV United Loros
PremierGirlsU1268262FC Legacy Voltage
PremierGirlsU1278276Sedalia Select Futbol Chics
PremierGirlsU1288282KPSL Heat
PremierGirlsU12/U1318382Kansas Rush Wolves Academy 02/03
PremierGirlsU12/U1328392Carrera 01/02
PremierGirlsU1318318SPORTING BV Juventus 01-02
PremierGirlsU1328325Ozarks Premier Soccer Academy
PremierGirlsU1338339KC Select Shock
PremierGirlsU134834ASSC Hotspurs
PremierGirlsU1358357Sedalia Sting
PremierGirlsU1368366Legacy Storm
PremierGirlsU1378378TS Fusion
PremierGirlsU14/1518415SPORTING BV ECNL 99-00
PremierGirlsU14/1528423Futura Academy 00/01
PremierGirlsU14/1538434Kansas Rush Wolves Academy 99/00
PremierGirlsU14/1548443KC Select Hurricanes
PremierGirlsU14/1558454KC Select Impact Red
PremierGirlsU14/1568461BMSC Challengers
PremierGirlsU14/1578472KC Blaze Inferno
PremierGirlsU14/1588486Olathe Firebirds
PremierGirlsU14/1598492Kansas Rush Dynamite
RecBoysU09 3rd Grade 8 vs 811911BV Hawks
RecBoysU09 3rd Grade 8 vs 821923Dragons
RecBoysU09 3rd Grade 8 vs 831935Timber Creek Boys 3rd Grade Recreational
RecBoysU10 4th Grade 8 vs 811014OPSC Cougars
RecBoysU10 4th Grade 8 vs 821021BV FIRE
RecBoysU10 4th Grade 8 vs 831033Dragons
RecBoysU11 5th Grade11111OPSC Cougars
RecBoysU11 5th Grade21123Kansas Rush Crush
RecBoysU12 6th Grade11216OP Chargers
RecBoysU13 7th Grade11312COBRA FC
RecBoysU14 8th Grade11414Rage
RecGirlsU09 3rd Grade 8 vs 812916OPSC The Flame
RecGirlsU09 3rd Grade 8 vs 822927Heartland Tigers
RecGirlsU10 4th Grade 6 vs 614016Wildcats
RecGirlsU10 4th Grade 8 vs 812014The Sunflowers
RecGirlsU10 4th Grade 8 vs 812029SBV Heartbreakers
RecGirlsU11 5th Grade12112Blue Lightning Soccer
RecGirlsU12 6th Grade12214RUSH - Tigers
RecGirlsU13 7th Grade12315OPSC All Stars
RecGirlsU14 8th Grade12413KC Galaxy FC




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Heartland Soccer Staff

Shane Hackett:  Executive Director

Dana Parry:  League Operations/Scheduling

Richard Davies:  League Operations

Bridgette Samuelson:  Team Leader/Dir. Tournament Operations

Dave Morrow: Tournament Director/KPSL Registrar

Sue Swanson: Sponsorship/League Operations 

Steven Davies: League Operations 

Katie Falco: Development Associate/Newsletter/Media

Gordon Crape: Referee Assignor



Rainout line: 913/933-6999


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