Heartland Soccer Association
9161 W 133rd Street, Overland Park, KS 66213
Phone: 913.888.8768

Heartland Soccer Association is recognized as one
of the largest soccer leagues and tournament hosts in the country. We offer recreational to premier divisions,
ages U8 through U19.
2017 Spring Season Schedules will be posted on our website on February 22nd!

From the Heartland League Director,
Richard Davies  
Dear All,

Hopefully you have all had a fantastic Winter and are excited about the upcoming Spring 2017 soccer season. We definitely are!!!!!

We have completed the seedings and scheduling is well under way. We are sure that there are a few of you that think you should be seeded in a higher division, but we promise we did everything we could to make the divisions as competitive as possible. It is not an easy process but we hope we have got each division as even as we could.

The schedules will be posted on the website on February 22 nd and first league games will be on March 3 rd . There are a lot of events going on this Spring so there will only be so many games that each team will have at Scheel's and Swope, on the turf surfaces. If your teams took off a weekend where we had the turf fields, then unfortunately you may have less turf games than other teams in your division. The good news is that the two complexes at National Training Center and Gateway are well on their way and we should have usage at both facilities for Fall 2017.

One post match change that we will be introducing for the Spring, is that we are discontinuing the ceremonial handshake with the referees after the game. We still expect the players to perform handshakes/high fives with each other, but not with the officials. The reason for this is to try and keep the games on time by removing issues that delay the turnaround of games.

We are continuing to work extensively with our referees and genuinely feel we are on the right path to improving the standard of officiating in the City. Please remember that a lot of the younger referees are learning the job as they are doing the job, give them the respect they deserve. If you feel there is a major issue, please contact a Field marshal, do not approach a referee.

Have fun at the fields and enjoy watching your kids play.

Heartland staff
Upcoming Tournament: Border Battle
February 24 - 26, 2017

Border Battle traditional logo

Thank you to Scheels for their support of Heartland Soccer and our referees.
February referee Scheels gift card winners
Ryan Toon, Trey Torrez, Schyler Gondolfo, Ryan Schulz, Ashley Schulz, Nick Hawley, Will Wooden, Rahul Bhattachan, Cade Cowdrey, Amelia Robinson
2017 Referee Meetings
Referees of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to attend Heartland's monthly referee meetings! Join us to learn tips and tricks for ARs and Referees, fun games, vital information, and fabulous prizes! Parents are always welcome.    

Monday,  February 13
Wednesday, March 15 
Monday, April 10
Wednesday, May  10
Monday, June 12
Wednesday, July 12 
Monday, August 7
Wednesday, September 13 
Wednesday, October 11 
Wednesday, November  8 
Monday,  December 11

*Mentors will meet from 6PM-7PM
*Monthly Referee Meeting from 7PM-8:30PM

Meetings will be held at the "Steve D. Scheels" Training Center in the northwest corner of the second floor of the Scheels store located at 6503 West 135th St, Overland Park, KS 66223
Concussion ImPACT  Testing

Open to all Heartland Soccer participants
for more information contact :
Betsy Kellerman Betsy.Kellerman@hcamidwest.com
(913) 541-3365

Overland Park Regional Medical Center
Get certified to be a referee!
  Sign up to be a referee for
Spring 2017 Heartland  league.
2016 Heartland Numbers

Fall league teams
Spring league teams
League players 
Tournament teams
Tournament players 
U.S. Soccer Federation Referee 
Program Update
U.S. Soccer Referee Program Standards of Dress 
With the start of a new year, new logo, and new uniform we have updated the Standards of Dress for the Referee Program.  This link will illustrate the Standards of Dress to be used in all affiliated matches officiated.

U.S. Soccer Recognize to Recover (R2R) presented
by Thorne Video
U.S. Soccer released a new video on recognizing and managing concussions, highlighting the important role parents, players, coaches, referees and health professionals play in the return to play process. The video is part of U.S. Soccer's Recognize to Recover (R2R) player health and safety program, and is designed to raise awareness of this important issue.  Please view or download the video here.

2017 State Assessor and Instructor Courses
Below is a list of upcoming state courses for assessors and instructors.  New and upgrading individuals should be recommended by their SRA, SDA, or SDI for approval by Rick Eddy.  Once approved, individuals should register as a grade 7, or a grade 5 if recertifying, for 2017 and then register for the course on the Learning Identity of ussoccer.gameofficials.net with the correct identity.
Upcoming State Assessor Courses:

Course 1251-SAC
March 17-19, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah
Course 1248-SAC
March 31-April 2, 2017
Austin, Texas
Upcoming State Instructor Courses:
Course 1250-SIC
February 24-26, 2017
Milwaukee, Wis.
Course 1252-SIC
April 28-30, 2017
Salt Lake City, Utah

It is required to register and to take the National Laws of the Game Test before the start of the course.
Registration for each course will close two weeks prior to the course date.

Reimaging How the World
Manages Youth Sports
2016 Tournament Numbers
(number of teams)

Border Battle
KC Champions Cup 410
Mother's Day Classic 407
KC Invitational
Fall Kick Off Challenge
Sporting KC Affiliate Friendlies
Heartland Midwest Classic
Midwest All Girls
Girls HIT
Boys HIT

In the last 12 months Heartland welcomed teams
  from a total of 17 states and Canada.
Health Tip
First Aid: Dislocations
A dislocation is when two connected bones become separated. Dislocations are caused by falls and hard impacts, such as in sports injuries, and are more common in teens than young children. These injuries require emergency medical care to avoid further damage.

Signs and Symptoms:
A joint is where two or more bones come together. A joint may be dislocated if it is:
  • swollen
  • bruised or red
  • painful
  • difficult to move
  • out of place
What to Do
If you think your young athlete has a dislocation, seek emergency medical care or call 911. Until care is received, do the following:
  • Leave the joint alone. Attempting to move or jam a dislocated bone back in can damage blood vessels, muscles, ligaments, and nerves.
  • Apply an ice pack. Ice can ease swelling and pain in and around the joint.
  • Use ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain.
Think Prevention!
  • Wear the appropriate safety gear during sports activities.
  • Supervision is key - a hard fall can happen anywhere, anytime.
  • Avoid tugging hard on an arm or shoulder, which can cause injury or dislocation.


This Month in History: February

February 22, 1909- the  American Football Association, which was formed in 1884,
 allied with  The Football Association , becoming a member.
February 5, 1985- Cristiano Ronaldo was born
February 1995- Major League Soccer was officially formed as a limited liability company
February 28, 2008- Major League Soccer announced that Philadelphia had been awarded the league's 16th team, and that professional soccer would return to the Philadelphia area in 2010. 

Stress and Sports Performance

By Betsy Kellerman, ATC/LAT, Manager of the Overland Park Regional Medical Center Sports Medicine and Concussion programs 
Most people who play a sport do it to have fun with others who share the same interest. But it's not always fun and games. There can be plenty of pressure in high school sports. Sometimes pressure comes from the feeling that a parent or coach expects you to always win.

But it can come from inside, too: Some players are just really hard on themselves. And specific situations can add pressure: Maybe there's a recruiter from your No. 1 college scouting you on the sidelines.

Whatever the cause, the pressure to win can sometimes stress you to the point where you just don't know how to have fun anymore.

How Can Stress Affect Sports Performance?
It's natural to feel some stress before a big game or when facing a tough opponent. That positive pressure can prepare us to do our best. Stress can help us rise to a challenge and meet it with alertness, focus, and strength.

When the challenge is over, the stress lets up. We can relax and recharge. Then we're ready for the next challenge. But at times, there are more demands and pressures than we can handle. Stress can pile up if the stressful situation doesn't have a specific end point.

Ongoing stress can exhaust our energy and drive. And, it can interfere with doing our best.

What Can I Do to Ease Pressure?

If you're facing stress that doesn't let up or feeling so pressured you're not enjoying sports, it's time to do something about it.

First, identify where your stress is coming from. Then, think about actions you can take to lower the stress or to cope with it better.
  • Is the pressure to be perfect coming from your own inner critic? Are you too hard on yourself? If so, work on becoming less self-critical. Use losses and not-so-great performances as opportunities for improvement. If a self-critical attitude is blocking you, ask a coach for tips on how to shift it. This can ease pressure and improve performance.
  • Are you overscheduled? Committed to too many sports and activities? If so, you may need to make tough choices about what activities to limit. Plan your schedule so there's time for the things you most want to include.
  • Are you giving yourself time to recover from stress by building in needed downtime? Make sure there's a break between stressful activities. Plan your week so there's time for sports, homework, and fun. Take a break from sports by going to a movie or hanging out with friends.
  • Are you getting enough sleep? Eating plenty of healthy foods? Sometimes we skimp on these basics when we're stressed. But treating your body right helps you handle stress.
  • Do you have a way to handle stress in the most pressured moments? Learn to use breathing to help you steady yourself and focus. Simply pay attention to your breathing as you take a few slow, easy breaths.
Talk over these ideas with a friend, parent, coach, or fitness instructor. Get their perspectives, support, and advice. Ask them to help you decide what to do to ease the pressure you're facing. Just sharing what you're going through can lower stress, refresh your energy, and remind you that you're not alone.

Enjoy the Game

Chronic stress isn't fun - and fun is what sports are all about. There are plenty of other benefits to playing sports - like developing sportsmanship, learning to perform under pressure, practicing skills, and working hard toward goals. Sports help us build self-esteem, teamwork, and strong relationships with teammates. Sure, it's stressful at times, but it's worth it. Because it's also really fun.  

Stress will always be a part of competition and sports. But we can use stress to our advantage by dialing it back and managing it well. We can use stress to boost our performance rather than let it defeat us.

Coaching Requirements
Heartland Soccer League is sanctioned by Kansas Youth Soccer. There is a minimum coaching requirement. All recreational and premier coaches must complete the F license course. It is online and can be found at the following link. 
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  Heartland Soccer celebrated their 1st  
Annual Awards Gala on  January 28, 2017
On Saturday, January 28 th over 270 Heartland Administrators, Coaches, Referees, husbands , wives and parents gathered together to celebrate the efforts of many of the people who are committed to the success of soccer at Heartland and KSYSA.  The Gala recognized our success comes from the efforts of many working together for a common vision - delivering the best soccer experience possible for our players and our fans.
Heartland Soccer Association Awards

Administrator of the Year: Pam Gnoza, Melinda Green, Sarah McTighe, Christophe Nicot, Sharon Stolte, Bev Foley

Special Recognition: Kenda Childers, Trafton Creemer, Shawn Forcellini, Rusty Griffin, John Latenser, Scott Terwilliger, Pete Weaver, Pat Monaghen, Bridgette Samuelson

Girls Coach of the Year: Chris Anderson, Tommy Howell, Amy Kmetz, Tim Richardson, Garrett Rosenbaum, Todd Steinbrecher, Casey Stevens

Boys Coach of the Year: Dave Maupin, Dan Naidu, Chad Newman, Kris Plumhoff, Oumar Seck, Daniel Swint, Lawrence Tynes

Heartland Soccer Hall of Fame: Kristie Cleaver, Chuck Grinstead, Carol Higgerson, Don Kempin, Dave Morrow

Heartland Soccer Hall of Fame Player: Cody Sliva, Nick Hagenkord, Christian Duke, Mandy Laddish, Nick Joslyn

Kansas State Youth Soccer Association Awards

Goal of the Year: Tim Williams

Save of the Year: Tori Spurgeon

Young Female Referee of the Year: Emily Astle

Young Male Referee of the Year: Braxton Pauls

Administrator of the Year: Pamela Gnoza

Volunteer of the Year: Kristie Cleaver

Competitive Girls Coach of the Year: Kathleen Benton

2017 Awards Gala Video
2017 Awards Gala Video

Order your tickets today for

 Kansas City Comets Game!


To order tickets contact Mike Rodriguez at

855-452-4625 ext 7210


Congratulations to the 
Heartland Soccer  Referee Award Winners!

Administrators, coaches, players and referees took the opportunity to say thank you to their peers and to the other parts of the ecosystem that make the Heartland Soccer Association the best youth soccer program in the mid-west, the Referees. 
Our Referees were not in uniform on this night.  We had the opportunity to see them as high school and college students, contributing members of the Kansas City business world,  and fathers and mothers.  We are all people first.

Heartland Soccer Referee Awards Winners

Iron Man Awards:   These Referees were there almost every weekend, in rain or sun or warm or hot or cold to ensure that games went on.  While every Referee contributes, these were the people who went above and beyond in the Fall season:  Andreas Georgiou, Alan Gore, Sterling Hammett, Dick O'Leary and Alan Rosenak.

Assistant Referee Outstanding Performers:   The Assistant Referee is key to a fair match.  They must focus on Offside violations and patrol the sidelines where the coaches and parents show their passion.  Hayley Brothers, Gabby Nabors and Cole O'Brien distinguished themselves in this role.

Most Improved are Referees who worked the hardest to go from good to the best they could be.  Cheyenne Smith and Anthony Sobolevsky were the winners because they strive to improve and learn from every assignment.

Rookies of the Year demonstrated confidence, worked hard and set the standard we expect from all our new Referees (with 600 or so new Referees each year, they show what is possible).  The winners were Jarred Mosher and Tiffany Ngo.  

Referee of the Year was awarded to a Referee who has earned the respect of the players, the coaches and his peers.  Sean Perry has earned the reputation for safe and fair matches when he is on the Referee crew.
Two critical parts of the referee support system at Heartland Soccer are Field Marshalls and Mentors.

Field Marshalls  have the challenge of keeping the games on time, managing the sidelines and providing support to our officials (we utilized 1,222 Referees in the Fall).  Each Field Marshall is an asset to Heartland.  Selection of  the Field Marshalls of the Year was difficult but Dan Smith and Katina Snorgrass distinguished themselves to earn this award.
The final category was the Mentors of the Year.   The Heartland Referee Development Program has its primary focus on newly certified Referees (those primarily assigned to small sided matches).  It also includes our more experienced Referees (i.e., those assigned to full sided matches).  The Program is delivered through a
"multi-stage" Peer Mentoring program. The 2016 Mentors of the Year Awards were Chris Dulany and Phil Gomez.

  Kansas State Youth Soccer Association
2016 Kansas Hall of Fame Inductees
Jim Anderson- Founder
Joseph Henley-Founder
Rich Kaminsky-  Outstanding Achievement

Congratulations New Inductees
The Kansas State Youth Soccer Association is proud to announce the inductees to the 2017 Kansas Hall of Fame.

Congratulations on your achievement! We appreciate your longtime dedication to soccer, especially in the State of Kansas. We applaud each of you for all your effort in helping Kansas become what's now known to many as the "Soccer Capital of America."

Jim Anderson

Joseph Henley

         Rich Kaminsky

2016 State Award Winners

Kat Benton
Girls Competitive Coach of the Year

Keith Sale 
Boys Competitive Coach of the Year

Pam Gnoza Administrator of the Year

Kristie Cleaver 
Volunteer of the Year

Emily Astle 
Young Female Referee of the Year

Braxton Pauls 
Young Male Referee of the Year

Our State Award Winners are submitted to the Region Selection Committee for consideration and if chosen to the National Board at US Youth Soccer to be honored at the Awards Gala during the NSCAA/ US Youth Soccer Workshop Event.

Clubs, players, parents, and team managers should consider honoring someone that has made an impact in their lives through these awards.

Congratulations to Hayley Brothers for being our Papa John's Referee Spotlight! 

This honor is much deserved as Haley started reffing 4 years ago, knowing that it was one of the few jobs she could get at the ripe age of 13. The opportunity seemed perfect as she really enjoys the sport of soccer and wanted to find a way to stay on the field. 

Her favorite part of reffing is watching the younger players learn the game while growing their ability. One of her biggest takeaways as a referee is learning to be more patient.

Enjoying the faster pace, she started reffing futsal 2 years ago and is absolutely loving it!

"I am happy where I am for now, but who knows what the future may hold." said Brothers. 

Besides being a ref, she has played soccer for 14 years. This past fall, she was an independent player, helping a couple of teams out as goalkeeper. She is looking forward to playing for Blue Valley Northwest this spring! 

Congratulations, Hayley!

Congratulations to Cade from Sporting Kaw Valley and Brooke from Metro United Soccer Club on being chosen for KSYSA's February Players of the Month!



Coaches Corner
Playing out from the back, small sided game
Two keepers start off as neutral target players. Team in possession must transfer the ball from one target player to the other. Once they have achieved this they can then attack and score in the opposite goal.
Coaching points:
1. Support the goalkeeper by stretching the pitch. Height, width and depth.
2. Good team shape. Two wide deep options, a player dropping into midfield and height and width with a winger.
3. Deal with the full press. Check in and out/up and down to try and create space. Rotate positions to try and move the defense around.
4. Exploit the overload! Use your keeper and be patient.
5. Encourage keeper to be patient and play out on the floor. If he does spot the opposite team out of balance and team mate unmarked, don't punish the longer pass.

If you have a referee, coach, club, team or player accomplishment or photo that you would like to share please email Katie Falco at falcocreativemedia@gmail.com
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