Best Year To Date
     Heartland Soccer Association would like to thank all of our league teams for a fabulous year.  A total of 1012 teams participated in our Spring League.  And Fall League was our largest season to date with a total of 1078 teams!  High school teams split between seasons with boys teams playing in Heartland in the spring and girls teams playing in Heartland in the fall, so approximately 18,000 athletes participated in the league this year.  This makes Heartland one of the largest leagues in the nation.
     Six tournament weekends brought in over 1600 teams from 15 states.  Roughly half of the tournament participants travel from outside of the metro area to compete.
      Heartland Soccer Association is a non-profit organization, so we would like to thank all of our teams, referees, coaches and sponsors for their support. We couldn't have had the success we had without you! We wish everyone a Happy Holiday and New Year.
     We are looking forward to Spring 2014 League.  Remember to register no later than January 13th.  We expect the league to continue to grow.




     With the growing and developing community of Johnson County, Heartland Soccer Association has been fortunate enough to build long-term partnerships with many local businesses. Being a non-profit organization, we are looking for more partners. We offer many opportunities for businesses to prosper with the large and growing soccer community.

     Heartland Soccer Association represents well over 1000 teams and 16,000 youth soccer players. We would love to give you the opportunity to get your name out to the hundreds of thousands of families, friends and fans that create traffic through the Overland Park Soccer Complex and Heritage Soccer Park. We also hold seven tournaments a year that bring teams from all over the central United States. Our tournaments are some of the largest in the region.

     We would like to give businesses the opportunity to reach out to this growing community and create a lasting partnership with us.If you would like to become a sponsor or discuss opportunities that benefit both your business and Heartland, please contact us.

Katie Falco (katie.falco@heartlandsoccer.net)

Bridgette Samuelson (bridgette@heartlandsoccer.net)


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Heartland 2014 Spring  league registration

deadline is January 13th. All the teams planning on participating in Heartland Spring League will need to register at


1078- Teams  that participated in our fall league

1027 -Teams that participated in our fall tournaments

16,000 -Players that participated in our fall league

15,000-Players that participated in our fall tournaments

1,300- Coaches and Team Administrators in our fall league and tournaments

4,304 -Fall  Heartland league games

1,734 -Fall Heartland tournament games

900- Referees, Field Marshals, Medical, and Support staff  worked for HSA during the fall league and tournaments

  @ OP Soccer Complex Field House
January 5, February 2, March 3, April 6, May 4 and June 9
Refs under 17 - 6-7:30PM
Refs over 17- 7:30-9PM

                Spring 2014 Referee Availabilty form is now open !




Why do we need to warm up before practice/games?


Before any exercise session it is important to warm up. A warm-up prepares us mentally as well as physically for the work we will be doing, and becomes particularly important when we perform more intense exercise sessions.

A proper warm-up should involve light aerobic work which puts your major joints such as your shoulders, hips, knees and spine through their range of motion. If you are tempted to skip your warm-up and delve straight into the real workout - think twice! A warm-up is important because it:

1. Increase body temperature. Increasing your body temperature will reduce potential muscle injuries, as the muscle tendons and ligaments will be warmer and more pliable when contracting.

2. Increases blood flow to the muscles. The more blood reaching the muscles, the greater the supply of oxygen and glucose required for energy production.

3. Increases blood flow to the heart. The greater the supply of blood to the heart, the less potential difficulty there is for exercise-induced cardiac problems.

4. Improves contractibility of muscles. A warm muscle will be more elastic and supple, which helps it to be more mechanically efficient.

5. Prepares the cardiovascular system for the work to be done. A steady warm-up will give your heart, lungs and blood vessels time to meet the demands of your workout. Without it you can quickly experience shortness of breath, discomfort and fatigue, as your body struggles to meet the physiological demands placed upon it.

It is important to warm up and stretch and not stretch to warm up.


Dynamic Stretching/Flexibility

Dynamic stretching is the use of movement to stretch muscles before a workout or athletic competition. It relies on momentum to engage the muscles, rather than holding a stretch at a standstill. Dynamic stretching routines are usually customized for particular sports to mimic movements specific to each individual sport.

Here are a few examples:




Butt Kickers

Lateral Shuffles


Players can form two lines and perform these exercises covering a distance of 10-15yards.


 Passing Warm Up


Organization & Set Up:

                Team split into two groups.

                Players in Group 1 have a ball and line up 5-7 yards behind a row of cones

Players in Group 2 line up and then take turns to run into each square, receive pass from player in group 1, control and return pass before back-peddling out of square and entering the next square. Repeat and then rotate groups.


Coaching Factors:

                Quality passing - Inside of foot and follow through to target.

                Quality control/touch - inside of foot, out of your feet to set up return pass.

                Good body position and set position to receive and pass quickly.


Adaption & Progression:

                Play 1 touch

                Vary height of pass in from group 1. Thrown with hands towards head, chest, thigh or foot

                Increase tempo/speed of activity - add time limit for competition




      A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported Breast Cancer Awareness during the Heartland Midwest All Girls Tournament. This was the first year Heartland Soccer,  Overland Park Soccer Complex, Menorah Medical Center, Overland Park Regional Medical Center and  Midwest  Physicians   partnered to promote Breast Cancer Awareness during the MAG tournament.  


      Thank you to MMC, OPRMC and Midwest Physicians for providing the pink corner flags, pink referee flags, pink staff vest  and pink staff t-shirts. The hospitals, a part of HCA Midwest Health System, Kansas City's largest healthcare network, hosted an interactive community health fair as a part of their commitment to keeping the community healthy. Sports medicine physicians, certified athletic trainers, cancer specialists and therapists were on hand to provide tips on staying healthy.


Thank you to Mike Laplante and the Overland Park Soccer Complex staff. We greatly appreciated the OPSC staff in helping us prepare for  the event.


We raised a total of $335 from the sales of Breast Cancer Awareness bands and pins.Heartland Soccer Association is donating  an additional $500. The total amount of  $835 was given to  American Cancer Society Making Strides Foundation KC Chapter.


Thank you again for your support. We look forward to making next year's event even bigger.


Jan 13

Spring 2014 online registration deadline

Jan 15

Club team turn in to Heartland

Jan 16

Recreational seeding

Jan 17

Premier pre-seed & Recreational final
seed posted after 5pm

Jan 17-22

Premier seeding challenges via email
deadline noon on 1/22

Jan 23

Final premier seeding posted after 5pm

Feb 26

Spring 2014 schedule posted after 5pm

Feb 28-Mar 2

Border Battle Tournament

Mar 7-9

First weekend of League Play

Mar 14-16

League Play

Mar 21-23

League Play

Mar 28-30

League Play

Apr 4-6

League Play

Apr 11-13

Kansas City Champions Cup / League


Apr 18-19

League Play

Apr 20

Easter Sunday/No Games

Apr 25-27

League Play

May 2-4

League Play

May 10-11

League Play

May 16-18

League Play

May 23-26

Kansas City Invitational Tournament

May 30- June 1

Rainout Weekend



Border Battle

February 28- March 2 

Registration Deadline: Jan 24

Border Battle traditional logo 


Kansas City Champions Cup

April 11-13

Registration Deadline: March 10

KCCC Traditional Logo 


Kansas City Invitational

May 23-26

Registration Deadline:April 28

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Baker University

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Dicks Sporting Goods

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El Padrino

Elephant Bar

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Fortune Wok

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Heartland Staff Contacts


Shane Hackett: Executive Director


Dana Parry: League Operations/Scheduling


Richard Davies: League Operations


Bridgette Samuelson: Team Leader/

Director of Tournament Operations


Dave Morrow: Tournament Director/KPSL Registrar


Sue Swanson: Sponsorship/League Operations


Steven Davies: League Operations


Katie Falco:Newsletter/ Sponsorship/ Media Relations  




Gordon Crape: Referee Assignor