Heartland Soccer Association
Heartland Soccer Association
June 4, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your team is a division winner.


See the complete list of division winners below.


Sporting KC will be honoring our division winners during either the Saturday, June 29, or Wednesday, July 3 game. South Stand tickets ($18, General Admission, usually $30) are available on a first-come, first-served basis for both games. When those tickets are sold, all that will be available will be Standing Room Only tickets ($18, usually $20). Sporting KC will try very hard not to turn away a division winning team from one of the awards ceremonies, but after seated tickets are sold out, the only opportunity is through Standing Room Only tickets. To purchase tickets call 888-4KC-GOAL. Next to each team name below is the name of that team's Sporting KC ticket representative.  If you call, please ask for that representative.  The representatives' emails and phone numbers are at the bottom of this email.


At both of the games, the plan is to have the teams check in prior to the game at the Sporting Park and receive their medals for wearing during the parade. Prior to half-time the teams will line-up. Then at half-time they will parade along the field sidelines, have their team names announced, and have pictures taken and shown on the big screens.


If your team is a division winner, I will need to know how many players will be attending a game, so that I can ensure enough medals are at each game. You can let me know by email. Please tell me 1) team name, 2) team number, 3) how many medals I need to take to the game for your team, and 4) which date your team will be attending. My email is susan.swanson@heartlandsoccer.net.


More detailed information about the two awards evenings will be coming soon.


Division winning teams who do not want to attend a Sporting KC game may pick up their medals at the Heartland office, 9161 W 133rd Street, Overland Park.  Office hours are 10 am - 3 pm weekdays. 

 Susan Swanson
Heartland Soccer Association
Awards Night - Congratulations 06 04 13
Flynn1912BV SharksWeber
Flynn1921BV FireballsDeFever
Flynn1011BVSC Rec Cobras FCSale
Robinson1015Kansas Rush AttackGustin
Robinson1021Prince of PeaceBowron
Robinson1034Sporting PCHofer
Robinson1114Olathe WizardsHenry
Robinson1214Lightning - RushStotts
Miles2916OPSC ThunderClevenger
Flynn2926Heritage ChargersHartweger
Miles2934OPSC SoccerettesBellis
Miles2015OPSC Cougars FCBurris
Flynn2023Pink ThunderAlexander
Robinson2033Blue Lightning Soccer-DoddsDodds
Flynn2112BVSC CyclonesSweeny
Miles2129Red HotsSchumacher
Flynn2212BV LightningRysko
Flynn2226Sporting BV DivasReeves
Repollet7995Sharks Urban
Miles7902BMSC Roma Gordon
Robinson7914KC Fusion Academy 03-04 - HoffmanHoffman
Flynn7923Kaw Valley Force CruzeiroNobre
Robinson7924KC Fusion Academy Loridon 03-04Loridon
Miles7934LUFC SambaCraig
Flynn7943KCSC BlackstarsJensen
Miles7955LUFC FirebirdsCraig
Flynn7963BV IP CH FORCEBono
Miles7973Fury FCMoll
Flynn7981BV IP Sharks FCMeyer
Robinson7015KC United KEMistry 02-03Thomas
Robinson7024Kansas Rush Wolves Academy 02-03Porter
Chaulet7039Summit SC Crimson Force 02-03Morrison
Flynn7041Blue Valley Heat IP - CelticAllen
Flynn7051BV Heat IP - MilanAllen
Robinson7064Kansas Rush Nike 02-03Siegel
Chaulet7077Summit SC Black Force 02-03Morrison
Robinson7112KC Fusion Academy Plumhoff 02-03Plumhoff
Flynn7123Futura FC GunnersWelch
Flynn7130Futura FC Select 02-03Logan
Chaulet7148Summit SC FireFlanagan
Miles7152KC Blaze LiverpoolChuks
Miles7160BMSC ArsenalHarris
Flynn7172BVSC IP WolvesPlatt
Repollet7175United RavensHarling
Flynn7216SPORTING BV Man City 01-02Slack
Repollet7227United SC - MallamsMallams
Robinson7232KC Fusion 00-01 - MendezMendez
Layton7242Harambe Real MadridPalmer
Robinson7257KC United West Olathe AttackPena
Miles7267OPSC GalaxyBlackford
Flynn7311Sporting Kansas CityParry
Brittain7316Legends KC Select AcademyRuark
Flynn7321Futura PalermoChilders
Frishberg7335Sedalia Soccer 305 SpinMoore
Miles7347OPSC AJAXNicot
Miles7350BMSC NorthendersGordon
Flynn7361KC Blast FCOdums
Linhart7364KC TorosGuitierrez
Canova737001 Air Capital DestroyersBrown
Flynn7412Futura-Milan AcademyFrench
Robinson7421Kansas City United RangersPopoola
Flynn7437KCSC CrewJensen
Flynn7438KVSA Jambars Seck
Flynn7440Futura UdineseChilders
Frishberg7448TDSC SpartansJones
Flynn7450Futura TorinoChilders
Robinson7451Kansas Rush NikeKante
Flynn7517Prodigy Samba WhiteWaugh
Flynn7519Sporting Kansas CityTrumpp
Flynn7529SPORTING BV NPL 98-99Davies
Flynn7538SPORTING BV Hannover 97-98Andrews
Miles7543KC Blaze KnightsPopoola
Canova7617Wichita Cyclones FCArndt
Flynn7624Kaw Valley CelticTemple
Brittain7634KC Legends World CupClements
Robinson7641KC Comets U-16 BoysSchiraldi
Robinson7719Topeka Select ArsenalNussbaum
Flynn7729Toca FC U17 USLKorthanke
Miles7733Puma FC - PragueKamin
Flynn781ASPORTING BV Sao PauloHughes
Robinson7824KC United-AllianceGarcia
Repollet7829United Soccer Club BlackHill
Robinson7836KC United AzzurriOrtiz
Flynn8912Futura RedStar Gold 03-04Stokic
Flynn8923LUSC Thunder Ruff
Miles8929OPSC CrushPhelps
Flynn8931Futura RedStar Silver 03-04Stokic
Robinson8944KC United Cheetah AttackPena
Flynn8950BV IP Irish F.C.Corcoran
Brittain8966KC Strikers Ice 03-04Cummins
Brittain8972FCKC Jr. Blues - U7 Legends Likens
Flynn8011Futura TenaceThompson
Robinson8013KC United Energy 02-03Waldron
Robinson8026KC Fusion ShanabrookShanabrook
Flynn8035Prodigy Menace RedSnook
Robinson8040Blackfire VenomRodriguez
Flynn8050Blue Valley United Red RobinsDavis
Flynn8059Stars SoccerPereira
Miles8062BMSC GalaxyNelson
Flynn8076BV IP Pink TornadoesPonzer
Flynn8112Futura U11 Pre-Academy Welch
Brittain8124KC Strikers Heat 01-02Carroll
Robinson8136KC United AttackOrtiz
Robinson8140Blackfire Flames XRyan
Flynn8152BV IP LightningBandre
Robinson8155KC Fusion 01-02 CakarevicCakarevic
Chaulet815ASummit SC Crimson DiamondsDoerflinger
Flynn8161FFC Red Star Silver 02-03Stokic
Frishberg8171Carrera 01-02Cooper
Frishberg8186MSA ShockersOrton
Flynn8211Futura FeroceThompson
Flynn8228SPORTING BV Udinese 01-02Owens
Miles8233KC Blaze OutlawsPopoola
Flynn8246Leavenworth United Soccer ClubWeissenfluh
Canova8255Missouri Valley TitansWilliams
Flynn8269BV IP TornadoesGraves
Brittain8312Bayern Munich BlitzOlivares
Linhart8313Extreme 99-00 BlueBisoni
Flynn8321Futura Academy 00-01Stapleton
Flynn8322Futura Academy FrenchFrench
Miles8335KC Blaze CrushPopoola
Frishberg8348Springfield SC 99-00 GirlsStamper
Flynn8354KC Milan PassoTournoy
Flynn8360Futura Lazio BluePeterson
Flynn8366KVSA SambaNye
Miles8371BMSC Blue TwistersStafos
Frishberg8386Northland StrikersKolich
Robinson8412Kansas Rush Wolves Academy 98-99Porter
Brittain8424KC Strikers ForceRobinson
Canova8439Topeka AngelsJohnson
Flynn8446Prodigy ChaosBarranco
Brittain8454Magic Soccer ClubMarquez
Flynn8467LUSC ThunderLong
Flynn8472BV IP TigersKempfer

Sporting Kansas City Ticket Representatives:


Chris Flynn  cflynn@sportingkc.com 913-387-3406

Zack Robinson zrobinson@sportingkc.com 913-387-3421

Casey Miles  cmiles@sportingkc.com 913-387-3441

Beth Brittain   bbrittain@sportingkc.com  913-951-3557

Darin Canova  dcanova@sportingkc.com  913-387-3443

Josh Frishberg  jfrishberg@sportingkc.com 913 951 3562  

Deanna Repollet   drepollet@sportingkc.com  913-951-3563

Lorna Chaulet  lchaulet@sportingkc.com 913-387-3412

Andrew Linhart   alinhart@sportingkc.com 913-951-3556

Tyler Layton   tlayton@sportingkc.com  913-951-3556