Heartland Soccer Association
APRIL 2013



Heartland Soccer Association's spring tournaments continue to draw teams from throughout the  central United States. Border Battle, scheduled for March 1-3, had to be cancelled because of nearly two feet of snow on the ground. 


The Kansas City Champions Cup, which was held

April 12-14, was a very successful weekend in Overland Park. The tourney brought in 239 teams from 9 different states including; Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma and South Dakota.


We were fortunate as the weather throughout the majority of the weekend was beautiful. Majority being the key word, as we still had to cancel some games late Sunday evening due to weather. By the time we decided to cancel, 2 games were still due to start and 14 were at half-time or later. The 14 games that reached the half way point were determined to be completed and co-champions were declared. 


All and all, it was a fantastic weekend and we would like to extend a special thanks to the teams and everyone that made the weekend possible. 



Photos from KCCC  Tournament on April 14, 2013


Although the deadline for the Kansas City Invitational isn't until April 29, spots are filling up fast as there are teams from 11 different states already signed up. The Kansas City Invitational is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, May 24-27. 


The states sending teams to our tournaments this spring include Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin. Last year, Heartland tournaments also drew teams form Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee and Wyoming.


 A typical tournament draws about 45% of its teams from the Kansas City metro area- both sides of the state line. Another 10% of the teams typically drive one to two hours each way to participate. The remaining 45% of the teams travel from farther away and stay in Overland Park hotels. The OP hotels are part of the financing mix that has made the Overland Park Soccer Complex available. 







Apr 19-21

League play/ Photo Days at Heritage


Apr 26-28

League play


May 3-5

League play


May 11-12

League play


May 17-19

League play


May 24-27

Kansas City Invitational Tournament


May 31- Jun 2

Rainout Weekend


Jul 8

Fall 2013 Online Registration Deadline

Payment Due by 12pm


Jul 10

Club Team turn-in to Heartland

Jul 11

Recreational Seeding


Jul 12

Premier Seeding challenges via email,

Deadline 12pm 7/17

Jul 17

Final Premier Seeding,

Posted after 5pm.


Jul 31


Posted after 5pm





Aug 10-11

League play


Aug 17-18

League play 


Aug 24-25

League play


Aug 30-

Sep 2       

Heartland Midwest Classic Tournament


Sep 7-8

League play


Sep 14-15

League play


Sep 21-22

League play


Sep 28-29

League play


Oct 5-6

League play


Oct 11-13

Midwest All Girls Tournament


Oct 19-20

League play


Oct 26-27

Rainout Weekend


Nov 1-3

Heartland Invitational Tournament- Girls

Nov 8-10

Heartland Invitational Tournament- Boys



Select Photo-Graphics will be taking team photos at Heritage Soccer Park on 
 April 19 & 20th.
 To book an appointment for your team, email      Liz at liz.h@selectphotographics.com
        Players and coaches will set up on the opposite side of the field from all spectators. This will be mandatory at all HSA locations. 
        Parents and teams should set up on the same side as the players/spectators from the previous game. 

        For the first game of the day or coming to an empty field, spectators should set up on the opposite side from the players and the referee will make any changes necessary.
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Coaches Code of Conduct
Parents/ Guests Code of Conduct
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Heartland Staff Contacts


Shane Hackett: Executive Director


Dana Parry: League Operations/Scheduling


Richard Davies: League Operations


Bridgette Samuelson: Team Leader/

Director of Tournament Operations


Dave Morrow: Tournament Director/KPSL Registrar


Sue Swanson: Sponsorship/League Operations


Steven Davies: League Operations


Katie Falco:Newsletter/ Sponsorship/ Media Relations  


Gina Schiraldi: Development Associate


Gordon Crape: Referee Assignor


Registration Deadline: 4/29


KC Champions Cup traditional logo

 APRIL 13-15




The US Youth National Championship series is coming to Overland Park this summer July 22-28th.  National Championships hosts:  Kansas State Youth Soccer Association (KSYSA) and the City of Overland Park, along with, the Heartland Soccer Association, the Kansas City Sports Commission and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) are working together to provide a great venue for the 88 teams coming to compete at the Overland Park Soccer Complex.  We are in need of around 1500 volunteers to work the event in order to make it successful.  Volunteers would be ball kids, field marshals, statisticians, set up and tear down helpers and others.  We've asked all clubs in the Kansas City Metro area and beyond to provide the KSYSA with the name of a Club Contact to help coordinate club volunteers.  If you are interested in assisting with the event as a coordinator or as a volunteer, please contact your current club to find out ways in which you can participate. 


Heartland Soccer Association wants to ensure that games are safe, fair, positive, and enjoyable experiences for all involved. 

This Code of Conduct outlines the expectations Heartland Soccer Association has of its coaches. By participating in a Heartland event (league or tournament) each coach agrees to abide by these expectations. Failure to meet these expectations can lead to forfeiture of the right to participate in Heartland events.
  • The coach must behave in an ethical and legal manner at all times
    • Coaches need to be aware that almost all of their choices and decisions have ethical implications and that their behavior will influene the behavior of their players. 
    • Heartland acknowledges that all coaches want to win. However, the coach should never place the value of winning over the safey and welfare of players. 
  • The coach should know the Laws of the Game and instruct players to play within the laws and the spirit of the game at all times. 
  • The coach is responsible for the behavior of his/her players during the game.
    • Coaches should be positive role models and set the standard of sportsmanship.
    • Coaches must guide players to conduct themselves properly and to accept responsibility for their behavior. 
    • If a player is being disrespectful or playing overly aggressive the coach is responsible for removing the player form the game until the player is in control of his/her behavior. 
    • Coaches must not use or tolerate disrespectful language.
  • The coach needs to respect the dignity, rights and needs of EVERY player. 
    • Coaches should develop players' appreciation of the game. Players should have fun and receive positive feedback.
    • Criticisms should be directed at performance and not the player.
    • Coaches should strive to have each player reach his/her full potential.
    • Coaches should keep the sport in proper perspective with other aspects of the players' lives (family, academic, religious, etc).
    • Coaches should cooperate fully with other specialists (doctors, physiotherapists, other coaches, etc.) in the best interests of the player. 
  • Coaches should treat officials with respect before, during and after the game.
    • The coach is responsible for and will be held accountable for the conduct of his/her players, parents, and spectators.
    • Complaints about officials need to follow the procedures laid out by Heartland Soccer Association.
Heartland Soccer Association wants to ensure that games are safe, fair, positive, and enjoyable experiences for all involved.

This Code of Conduct outlines the expectations Heartland Soccer Association has of its parents and spectators. By attending a Heartland event (league or tournament) each parent and spectator agrees to abide by these expectations. Failure to meet these expectations can lead to forfeiture of the right to attend Heartland events.
  • Set a positive example and refrain from negative behavior and comments
  • Encourage the player to play within the Laws of the Game and spirit of the game at all times.
  • Provide a positive attitude and actions towards the game, players, coaches, and referees at all times. 
  • Refrain from activities that are detrimental to the game, referees, coaches and especially players.
  • Parents and spectators should treat officials with respect before, during and after the game. 
  • Complaints about officials need to follow the procedures laid out by Heartland Soccer Association.
  • Remember the game belongs to the players, and parents and spectators are guests. 


1. You must first contact the opposing team manager and/or coach. Team contact information can be found here



2.  Both coaches will need to agree on an available re-schedule date that suits both teams. Do not send an online form until both teams agree on a date.

3. Once you have agreed on a date, BOTH teams must fill out the online reschedule form


and submit it. BOTH teams must agree on a date before sending in the reschedule form.


4.  Upon receiving the re-schedule request, Heartland will confirm the request with both teams by e-mail, giving them the date, time and field. 


5.  The game will then be posted on our website with the new information.


6.  If the opposition will not agree to the reschedule, the game will be

played on the original date and location or it will be regarded as a forfeit.




 1.  We have a flexible re-scheduling policy and will work with teams to the utmost of our abilities.


2.  A valid reason must be provided for a re-schedule.  Re-scheduling games causes issues/concerns for both teams, managers and families. Abusing this system will create an adjustment to our flexible re-scheduling policy. Valid reasons would include participating in a new tournament, shortage of players due to ACT tests, etc. Missing a coach or key player would NOT be considered a valid reason!


3.  Any changes that need to be made during the season must be received a minimum of 10 days prior to the original game date. Games will not be rescheduled if the request is received less than 10 days prior to the scheduled game date. No exceptions!


4.  Note, requests MUST go through the team manager and coach.


5.  Teams failing to notify the office or not show for a scheduled game will be charged a no-show fee and a forfeit. 


Trivia from the Touchline :

 How well do you know the Laws of the Game?

  1. What is the minimum height of a corner flag, and why does it matter?
  2. What is the purpose of the penalty arc?
  3. Can a team score an "own goal" directly from a goal kick?
  4. Can a goal be scored directly (one touch) from a dropped ball restart?
  5. There are 10 direct free kick fouls. Can you name five of them?
  6. Only one direct free kick foul must be committed deliberately to be an infraction. Which one is it?
  7. How far must an opponent stand from the point of a throw-in?
  8. What does it mean to be in an "offside position"?
  9. At the Overland Park Complex there are short white lines outside the field of play, near each goal line, on each side of the goal. What are these lines for?
  10. If a goalie saves a ball on the penalty area line, has he/she committed a handling foul?

Bonus! Where can you find more information about becoming certified to referee in Kansas?


  1. 5 feet. Shorter flags might be dangerous if a player fell and was impaled.
  2. The penalty arc defines the area that is 10 yards from the penalty mark, and outside the penalty area. Prior to a penalty kick, all players must remain outside the penalty area, outside the penalty arc, and behind the penalty mark.
  3. No. Restart by re-taking the original goal kick because the ball was not properly put into play.
  4. No. This was a law change for 2013.
  5. Spitting, Charging, Jumping In, Kicking, Tripping, Tackling, Holding, Handling, Pushing, Striking
  6. Handling must be deliberate to be an offence. Other direct free kick fouls, such as tripping, may be offences even if they are "accidental", or even "attempted".
  7. 2 yards from where the ball enters the field at the touchline.
  8. An offensive player is in an offside position if they are nearer to the goal line than both the second to last defender and the ball.
  9. These lines are 10 yards from the corner arc, which helps players and referees judge how far defenders may stand from the corner on a corner kick.
  10. No. The lines on the field are a part of the areas they define. Therefore, the penalty area line is a part of the penalty area, and as long as any part of the ball is over any part of the penalty area line, the goalie may legally handle the ball.

Bonus: www.KansasReferee.net


Call our hotline: Heritage Soccer Park/ Overland Park Soccer Complex/ 151st & England Fields: (913)599-9777 Lone Elm Fields: (913)747-2515 
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